As a medical and aesthetic provider, growing your practice is likely one of your top goals. One way to do this is by gathering reviews from current and former clients that can be used as part of an online marketing strategy. Asking for reviews isn’t always easy but it can be highly effective in getting more people to come through your doors.

Here are a few tips for how you can request reviews from your clients:

  1. Show Your Appreciation – Acknowledge the effort and time your clients put into providing feedback. Whether it’s through a thank-you note, an email, or an in-person gesture, showing them that you appreciate their efforts can go a long way in encouraging them to write a review.
  2. Make It Convenient – Ask clients if they would be willing to write a review, but don’t make them jump through hoops to do so. Provide easy access to online platforms where they can leave reviews and give them instructions on how to post those reviews for maximum visibility.
  3. Follow Up – After a treatment or appointment is over, follow up with clients after two weeks have passed asking for their feedback or any suggestions they may have on how you can improve services. This will demonstrate your commitment to customer service and give clients an opportunity to voice their opinion directly instead of leaving an anonymous review somewhere else.
  4. Focus on Quality Over Quantity – The most important thing about reviews is that they should be honest reflections of the client’s experience at your practice, so quality trumps quantity when it comes to building up your reviews section online. Instead of sending generic messages to all customers asking them for a review, take the time to get feedback from select customers who you know had particularly positive experiences with you.

By following these tips, you will be able to generate more genuine reviews that accurately reflect the quality of care offered at your practice—and help grow it as well!

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