Connecting Sparka Marketing to your practice comes with big benefits.

Home of the 20% Lifetime Commission.

How A Sparka Partnership Works

What you get for referring a practice to us?

20% Lifetime Comissions

If your referral purchases one of our marketing services, you will receive a 20% commission for the life of your referral's service order. For some practices who subscribe to our subscription marketing services, this can be years. For most practices, 10-12% of total revenue goes to marketing services. That's a lot to think about.

How to get started?

Step 1

Refer a practice to Sparka Marketing. During signup, they share who referred them.

Step 2

Once your referred practice purchases one of our marketing services, you will be notified of your successful referral.

Step 3

After services are completed, or at the end of each service month month of subscription services, you will receive a payout via Stripe for 20% of the net profit following business expenses and taxes. Easy as that.

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